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Joseph Maurer

Being an engineer there are so many problems that I have to solve every day that you get into the flow pretty easily. But at work you are mostly solving the same type of problems on a daily basis that you forget that there are other exciting types of problems out there that require you to think differently. A great starting place is Leetcode or any other daily coding puzzle website. Let’s go over how to get started and best practices!

The Fundamentals of Solving Coding Puzzles

I think Leetcode does a great job of having daily puzzles that come out in their “Monthly Challenges”…

Here’s a quick recap of Apple’s State of the Union at WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference 2021). You can find the full video here.

XCode Build

Sprites are a vital part of working on a game in Unity. Part of that is how do you go about slicing a sprite that contains multiple images within it. I’m going to spend some time going through a basic example of how to split a sprite and hook it up to an animation 2D platform game! Let’s get started!

To start you are going to need to acquire a sprite sheet from somewhere. Here is a link to where I acquired the platform character for this project.

Build Cloud-native Applications That Run Anywhere

Source: Microsoft

ICYMI (In case you missed it); two weeks ago was Microsoft’s Build event! The yearly event is a chance for developers to learn new things that are going on in technology. The reason I love listening to these types of events is because it gets you excited about the happenings in the industry.

One of the talks that stood out to me was on the challenges that modern developers face like needing to move from concept, to code, to cloud seamlessly. Needing this type of agility, reliability, and security is critical when trying to solve problems at scale. …

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm that is the cornerstone of modern software development. While OOP isn’t the only programming paradigm that exists, I would argue it is the most important to have a firm foundation of, and when used correctly, can lead to stronger and more robust software. But what is OOP and how can you make sure to understand it well? Let’s explore.

High Level

At a high level, in OOP there are 3 main pillars to understand for getting OOP down:

  • Encapsulation with classes
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism (the most important by far)


Encapsulation is the ability to enclose…

There is something that you realize really quickly when you start programming games, and it’s that materials are coded differently than anything else. They work almost in mysterious ways that can often be hard to describe and the code is often very dense c style code that doesn’t shed any light on how or why something works the way it does.

Enter Shader Graphs, Unity’s latest attempt to help alleviate some of the mystery and confusion around how shaders work. This feature is recently out of preview and has a wide array of features that aim to shift how shaders…

When programming in Javascript there are times when you might want to know if there were any parameters passed through the URL. In case you aren’t familiar with URL parameters, they are the arguments set after the base URL and the ‘?’. For example let’s look at the below example:

?PerPage=100 is the first parameter that is passed with this URL. It’s up to your javascript logic to grab this parameter’s value and use it appropriately. So can there be multiple parameters? You betcha! Additional parameters are added with the following syntax:

‘&Page=2’ is the second parameter that…

You often forget that APIs exist for most of the platforms you use. While some companies lock down their APIs to only provide very limited information, goes the extra mile to provide an extremely robust API. Let’s go over what is available!

Link to Project:

Link to DEV API Documentation:

DEV’s API allows for lots of interesting functionality. In the video above, I go over a use case where you pull the latest 100 posts, and create bootstrap cards for each. In each card I display three buttons. The first is either active or disabled if…

There are times when you need to take full advantage of every ounce of performance possible to make your dream game a reality. Enter the Job System in Unity. It allows the developer to write multithreaded code that can still interact with the rest of Unity.

What is multithreading?

Multithreading allows the program to run faster by taking advantage of the CPU’s ability to process many threads at the same time across multiple cores. Typically this means that a main thread spawns several other threads that in turn performs work. The problem with this is that games tend to spawn a ton of…

Writing clean and maintainable code is pivotal to any production project. And yet even the most functional code is frowned upon if it doesn’t follow the coding standards that a company sets. A good engineer knows that any big changes need to go through a code review before being merged into the mainline. Yet the most frequent comments made in those types of reviews are often about violations of any coding standards (not the functionality). So why do we care so much about coding standards? Do people really debate tabs versus spaces?

Defining a Coding Standard

Why is a coding standard important?

  • It creates…

Joseph Maurer

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