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Joseph Maurer

I earlier wrote about all of the promises that Unity’s Project Tiny brings to the table with the ability to render 2D and 3D games with remarkable speed and small size. But for all the good that the ECS brings to the table, there are a lot of complications that it brings to the table. Enter Bevy, an Open Source data-driven game engine that is built in Rust.

Bevy, which code is available in Github, contains a number of examples in the Examples folder. Aftering getting the project, navigate to the examples folder and run cargo run — example breakout.

Source: Edge Impulse

Typically, when you think about having to train a model for machine learning you think about needing a vast amount of processing power needed to perform the necessary operations. But small microcontroller’s like Raspberry Pi’s are becoming really popular and common in the classroom. Being able to use such a small device for machine learning gets the technologies in the hands of more people that could potentially do amazing things with it. Until now there haven’t been any options that target the Raspberry Pi. …

Source: Zoltan Szogyenyi

Exploring a new css framework is like Christmas for anyone who loves to tinker with user interfaces. Recently, I came across an awesome blog post from Leonardo that tries to make an argument that you should start using Tailwind instead of <insert your css framework of choice here>. For me, I’ve always found Twitter’s bootstrap framework to have the most compelling set of features. But if I’m really going to make the switch, the argument needs to be more compelling. Here’s a compare and contrast of the two frameworks.

Compare and Contrast

Both frameworks are utilities that help you define dynamic and reactive…

The introduction of voice assistants and AI into our daily lives has added conveniences to our routines. While some find the technology intrusive, the trends say that people are adopting the technology. It is estimated that 1 in 4 U.S. adults own a smart speaker. At this point, the technology is at mainstream adoption and is being used by the critical mass of people, so the next question is what’s next and why does it matter?

Voice User Interface (VUI) in Customer Relations

As a web developer or engineer it is imperative that your users’ information is safe and secure in a database and during communication with your front end. But adding extra security to your code can add complexity to how your system works. Here is some basic terminology that every developer needs to know at a minimum before handling user information.


Passwords and sensitive information should never be transmitted as plain text. It can and will be stolen, no matter how many users you have on your system. A hash generates a unique fixed length output representation of a given input…

The smart home product segment is more competitive than ever with lots of companies competing to be the next cool product that you buy for your home. But as a consumer, there are lots of complications with trying to pick a product when trying to decide if a product will be compatible with your setup or with the things you may want to buy. And for a lot of products, like TVs, you can get a cheaper TV if it doesn’t support HomeKit as it typically means it’s a few years older. …

A critical part of any coding workflow is being able to accurately identify the changes you’re making before submitting. And while most version control software are bundled with tools to help you identify what you are about to check-in, they fail to have the customization and flexibility of Beyond Compare. To be clear, I realize this isn’t the most exciting topic to talk about, but I think that it is a really critical one for productivity. I use Beyond Compare in my professional and personal development workflow and I think you should too. …

Source: Unreal Engine

There was a time when human interaction with computers was relatively basic. Over time, the Human-machine interfaces (HMI) have added complexity in the hopes of blurring the seams of technology and real life meet. If you follow the trends that have been occurring in the automotive industry, you can see how HMI has evolved over time. Gone are the days of knobs and physical controls and here is the interface of the future. But is this the future we all really want?

How It Works

Stop Wasting Time On The Boring Stuff

Source: Octopus Deploy Blog

With any project, there are the boring maintenance tasks that tend to take up more time than anyone would like them to. Need to do a new build of your game in Unity? Depending on the size of your game, that task could take awhile to build and deploy to the proper place. Want to push a new version of your website and run tests to make sure everything still works? Deploying the files to the appropriate place can take a minute and manual testing is often repetitive and error prone. Because of this, there are continuous integration (CI) tools…

15 minutes could save you 15% or more on performance

Source: Arnold Francisca

Far too often, performance is pushed off till the end of a project when it is often significantly more difficult to implement. Particularly in web development where performance always has to be a consideration because of the number of platforms and internet connections that are possible. Recently I took a deep dive into the performance of my website and improved the First Contentful Paint (FCP) by 3.6 seconds. I wanted to go through some of the tools I used, and best practices that I found when going through the process.

Best Practices

Here is a short list of common gotchas that, when…

Joseph Maurer

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