Artificial Intelligence Overload

Test Proctoring services have an unhealthy reliance on AI

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Always look eyes

“First, the AI applies “advanced algorithms” to detect faces, motion, and lighting changes. Next, the AI analyzes keyboard activity, mouse movements, hardware changes, and other computer device data to identify patterns and outliers associated with cheating. Finally, the AI analyzes each student’s exam interactions, including a question-by-question analysis to compare against other students who took the same exam[86]”. [1]

Bias AI

Photo by Dom Fou on Unsplash

“…facial recognition systems have repeatedly been found less effective at identifying or evaluating faces of color. A 2017 study of facial recognition systems found that darker-skinned females were 32 times more likely to be misclassified than lighter- skinned males.” [1]

“Cheat proof”

The power of believing that you can improve — Carol Dweck



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