Best Cloud Migration Tools

I recently went through an exercise of comparing and contrasting the cost/benefits of migrating an on premise backend solution to the cloud. Beyond the business decisions of whether it is a good idea or not, there is also the technical challenge of physically migrating to the cloud. How do you even go about migrating your backend solution and what if you have a ton (what’s bigger than petabytes) of data to move? Well it turns out there are a plethora of solutions and tools out there that help you in this transition period:

AWS Cloud Migration Services

It is no secret that AWS is the public cloud market leader and thus has successfully help a lot of customers migrate to using their service. The migration services they offer help you easily and securely migrate your database and servers into AWS, all while the database remains fully operational. AWS also offers many commercial and open source databases so most of the time you can create a similar environment to what you were doing previously.

Azure Migration Tools

Azure also offers a full suit of migration tools for moving your data over to their cloud. They support a lot of the common tasks for migration across servers, data, databases, web apps, and virtual machines. Built-in to the tools is end-to-end tracking and insights that show you where you are in the process and where the central data repository is.

Google Migration Services

Okay, I’m sure you aren’t surprised to hear that google also offers a migrate tool for their service. Some of the key features they offer are in-cloud testing with validation to make sure that the data is staying consistent, automated setup with workload delegation for faster transfer speeds, and support for building migration waves. This tool can help reduce risk, improved agility, and cut costs all while save the team time.


While a less known option, Dynatrace works with large or small organizations to provide cloud migration and monitoring services. Dynatrace uses AI and machine learning to add odservaility, automation, and intelligence to the middle layer between you technology and your solutions.

Source: Dynatrace


AppDynamics is a real-time monitoring of your applications that has the potential to be the best migration tool in this list. It’s analysis tools coupled with their visual revenue paths are extremely valuable for customers. Because of their heavy reliance on AI analysis, they are able to find and mitigate issues before they become a bigger issue.

Source: App Dynamics

As you can see there are lots of options for migrating your service to the cloud. All of these solutions are good ones, and yet you could do so much research before actually picking one. The reason is that there is never a time you more vulnerable than when you are migrating to the cloud.

Have you ever had to migrate a service to the cloud? Leave a comment below what service you used!

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