The Future of Apps is ‘No Code’

... and it’s going to be bad

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Current ‘No Code’ Options

Source Airtable
  • Nintex combines management and automation software.
  • Appsheet allows you to create mobile applications with no code.
  • Bubble lets you build web apps.
  • Salesforce has powerful data visualization and CRM tools that require no code.
  • Apple’s Shortcuts app or IFTTT’s home automation app are examples of no code apps.
  • aggregates no code tools for a price.

With Great Power

With great power comes… tradeoffs. That’s true for most things in life, but especially when you aren’t low to the metal like most of these ‘No Code’ options make you. The reality is that whatever you are trying to do is going to be translated into code and then run. You lose efficiency and maintainability when you do that. In the bigger picture, minor inefficiencies aren’t the end of the world, but at scale, these small problems compound into a much bigger problem. And maybe some of these solutions get so good that the minimize this tradeoff, but it’s a lot harder when you don’t get to see exactly what they are doing under the hood.

It’s all about the idea

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